Mikrotik Router DHCP Server Configuration

Basic Ip Address Configuration:

/ip address
add address= network= broadcast= interface=WAN
add address= network= broadcast= interface=LOCAL

Create an IP address pool:

/ip pool add name=DHCP-POOL ranges=
Add a DHCP network which will concern to the network and will distribute a gateway with IP address to DHCP clients:

Add a DHCP server:

/ Ip dhcp-server enable 0
/ip dhcp-server add interface=LOCAL  addree-pool=DHCP-POOL
Ip dhcp-server network add address = gateway = dns-server =

NAT Configuration:

/ip firewall nat
add chain=srcnat action=masquerade src-address= out-interface=WAN

Set Default Gateway:

/ip route
add dst-address=  gateway=